If I Had My Rathers

Written by: Ronald Bingham

Cold winds blow cross these Texas plains,
Trees bow down to the harsh and freezing rains.
Cattle huddle together in search of fleeting heat,
Cars slip and slide upon this icy street.

Barbed wire stretches tight with icicles hanging on throughout the night,
The icy winds cut like a knife and staying warm is an on going fight.
Only the brave or fool hearted venture out on days like this,
As I sip on my coffee and think how quickly it is summer I miss!

Some folks really like cold weather and such,
To each their own, as for me I don’t enjoy it that much.
If I could choose I’d want springtime to last at least ten months out of the year,
Not too hot and not too cold, and spring water that runs so crystal clear.

Everything in bloom, wildflowers covering a peaceful hill,
Trees full of birds singing to the creator, animals playing, oh what a thrill.
It’s a time when life really seems to bloom,
While winter to me is such a time of gloom.