Twelve Months

Written by: Joyce Johnson

January brash and bold,
Brings the worst of winter's cold.
February's stay is brief,
Green sprouts showing some relief.

March may come in like a lamb
And soon become ferocious ram.
Changeling April flirts a bit
And well may have a stormy fit.

We revel in the days of May
And beg her to extend her stay.
We could not bear she leave so soon
Did she not bequeath us, lovely June.

When perfection comes, it comes in June
While July plays a hotter tune.
August can be warmer still.
September brings a welcome chill.

October can go either way
With cooler night and warmer day.
November comes with wind and rain
Predicting winter's wrath again.

December brings the holidays
Silver bells and Christmas plays.
These happy times help us forget,
About December's snow, a bit.

Accept each month the best you can.
God needs them for His yearly plan.

By: Joyce