Written by: Michael Poyntz

So am I not enough for you
Is what we have not enough for us
what answers do you need to quell your curiosity
do you so doubt the truth of our first kiss
have you watched so long that you no longer see me
what secrets did you think i could hide 
you alone have undressed me to bare flesh
is it my collection of unpolished shoes
legacies of footsteps walked to other doorways
that troubles you so

what puzzles to my life’s mysteries
will be answered by the echo of muted voices
held content within pages of dusty photograph albums 
and yet my yesterday’s haunt you as if they were immortal
mirror snapshots of strangers smiling for strangers
images created in a world requiring its own reflection
is it my hat boxes with faded and speechless labels
that you so desperately need to renounce out loud
i recall tmoments when your heart beating gently beside mine
was the only sound needed to tell the world we were one

are you looking for a suitcase packed with excuses
an invisible boarding pass allowing a blameless early departure
it is you who fear's sunrise without dreams to protect you
and  sunset with no one to believe in…no one who believes in you 
we have crossed the world’s longitudes and latitudes you and I
Rio to Monterrey…Brisbane to Berlin
each tasting love dusk to dawn....again and again
what i have surrendered with you
i have surrendered to no one…shared with no but you
listen to me ..hear me…this is the voice of our destiny

you alone complete me like a thousand falling raindrops
gently nourishing  a sea of lotus leaves 
passion has flowed between us as if  thirsty water 
i love you with all that I am…all that I ever wanted to be
i have never asked for more than your love 
but now I need you to trust my trust in you
for even an hourglass can run out of sand
my love please don’t open my closet door
is what we have not enough for us 
so are we not enough for you