Written by: simone segal

Come with me on a journey of thought

Open your mind and let’s travel creation

Let us not follow the sheep the masses

They are lost and confused

With no direction but to follow

Take off your shoes with me

And walk this creation

Let our souls feel the way

We shall tread the path of our desires, our happiness

The meaning of life

Our existence to inherit, this bounty of creation

Happiness, abundance, love and peace

Open your mind to enter paradise

For there it exists

Lay down your heavy baggage of fears and doubts

Lift your spirit free to soar like the wind

Have courage, faith and the wisdom of love

We shall follow the path of our dreams

A new era is a dawn

Enter the new frontier

Tread the path with me that awaits

A new time in our history of existence

We shall have, be, and go where our thoughts take us

On the path we tread to our dreams

Who ever you are, where ever you may be

Paradise exists, 

When you tread the path with me