House of Fear - part 1

Written by: Janette Fisher

A young man named Jonas stood at the doors
Of the house that had haunted his dreams
As behind the ornate, hand-carved oak
Its interior was not all it seemed

People entered the doors, then disappeared
It was the last of them anyone would see
So Jonas had made it his mission in life
To put an end to its mystery

Jonas passed through the doors and as he did
The doors locked – he had no way out
He took a deep breath, to calm his nerves
Then he started to look about

He was standing in a square hallway
With a map of the house at one end
A door stood each side, marked ‘IN’ and ‘OUT’
Written above ‘IN’ was a legend

‘Beware all mortals who enter this place
Solve Metis’s riddles or fear you will face’

He wondered what the legend meant
Faltering on going through the door
And what had happened to all the souls
Who had walked through this portal before?

Jonas opened the door, and entered a room
The door then vanished from view
As there was no obvious other way out,
He stopped to think for a moment or too

As he thought, he took in his surroundings
The room was panelled in wood as before
With a large chandelier, providing the light
 That shone on a plinth, in the centre of the floor

Seated on the plinth was a creature
That filled Jonas’s bones with dread
Half man, half beast with a bullish face
And which, though seated, towered over his head

With wizened finger, it beckoned to Jonas
And with powerful voice began to speak 
“Who dares enter Metis’s House of Fear
And what is it that you seek?”