Rosa Canina

Written by: Beau Regard

Of Radiance
Red fire and blaze, locks of shining scarlet
Emerald intrigue, gems of such precocity
Soft half-moons upon a perfect helix, temptatious
And a helm so bright, so sweet, so tenatious

Of Pleasure
Anticipation weakening me, I find myself helpless
The gates open and the hounds are upon the fox
The world peels away and there is nothing to remember
All wits lost about me, lost to the slow burn

Of Pain
And yet this primal heat cannot melt my ferrous hold
As I clamor about in this days lap
My abysmal core is unwilling, entrenched and stolid
It will not be moved behind the furrows of love

And so I can offer myself as nothing more than the Rosa Canina
The heights of pleasure entangled with the depths of pain

According to Victorian Floriology, the Rosa Canina or Dog Rose has the meaning of "pleasure 
and pain" (felt at the same time).