To My Parents...

Written by: Beau Regard

Together you came, in precious love
Collecting your feelings on a lonely altar
And were joined under our God above
Forever still, I pray your love not falter

Grinding in the great wheels of time
You shoved off on a humble beginning
Then, in the nightly morning, there was a chime
And together you brought me into the world of the living

I was a chubby gourd, in a field of expectation
And together you watered me well with love
And rightfully chided me, when come subordination
You gave me the power of knowledge and the heart of a dove

Together, you both have prepared me for life
And life has come to pluck me from you
Together, you both have taught me to fight it’s strife
And its strife has come to make me miss you

To my mother, who cares more than any I have ever known
Thank you for the love of life
To my father, who is stead fast and dowdy, to the likes I’ve never known
Thank you for the will to live