Bitterstar (for Molly)

Written by: Hana Ryusaka

Truth wraps around her finger, edges of silk to the scars at her throat.
Her skin is rigid against her own mind.
Every day breaks like glass into the sea of her experience

Shells press to her ear. The salt of time courses down her face.
Knowledge leaves her nothing.
Your echoes are all meaningless, she tells herself, and her screams are molten.

If the stars could find her, she wouldn't be empty -
So she burns for the quenching of her thirst. Loneliness roots her to sand.

Faith isn't tangible like this sorrow, like the wings dragging from her shoulders,
All the beauty she folds inside her because mirrors won't reflect 
Lyrics like the ones she has branded across her face.
Lies slip so easily like honey through her senses. They bruise her heels, 
                                                      -refusing to run-
In desperation, she raises her fists through the keyholes of the storm -
Nothing hurts more than her own past, so she takes it in hand and lets it burn.
God traces his fingertips across her wounds and his lips across her forehead.
                  -She is loved because she loves freely and
                          she is strong because she has held herself upright on her own-

The rain fills her mouth and sets her tears free.

*For Molly, one of the strongest people I know. I love you, babe.*