black future

Written by: james faulkner

Little Boy with adventure in your eyes
What will you Future Hold?

Will your tousled hair twist into mighty dreads,
Mighty as that of the lion that roamed your motherland.
Will you be tamed, 
Caged within the system by the wicked hand of man? 
Will your hands be stained of statistic by an unjust law,
Political land mines in the front yard waiting to take your life.

Little Boy with adventure in your eyes.
What will your future hold?

Will you take the right path,
Or that of a new path paved by footsteps of your own.
Will you learn,
Education with a twist or philosophic wisdom like this this
Will you conform,
Suppress your voice & beliefs to majority and social norm?
Will you take each breath with a just morality,
Live with pride and righteousness but be viewed as a colored technicality. 

Little boy with adventure in your eyes,
You hold your future.