it is to dance

Written by: Donald Meikle

To dance one must feel the beat
Light works like Einstein said
And like Plank said
And like Tommie Young said
All one has to do is go with the flow
Take a light particle (billiard ball, photon or whatever)
go from a to b at light speed
The path taken is proportionate to the amount of energy
The less energy the straighter the path
Hence the lower the frequency
mass is directly relative to energy
Density is relative to frequency
ie lead has more energy wave frequency than hydrogen

on the thinking photon
if one hole is open the other billiard ball isn't on the table
So the pocket doesn't get the ball
open the other hole and the complimentary billiard ball
has to put itself in line to billiard into its pocket
Music is necessary to dance
frequency is necessary to energy and music
and quantum physics and existence 
But that's life and
What's life without music
To dance one must feel the beat