Thank You

Written by: Kim Hilliker

How can I say thank you for all the things you do
When they’re all so never-ending from hearts so very true

No gratuity could measure the amount I count on you
I’m sorry and I’m grateful; for now, It’s all that I can do

I know that I am blessed because you mean so very much
I thank God for your presence and every part of me you touch

It’s through you that I am learning the art of give and take
And, I’m educated often for all of goodness’ sake

The integrity in your hearts and your thought-provoking ways
Keep me motivated through most of my darkest days

And when I peek outside my box, I see you being there
You hold my hand and cradle my heart, and it means more than you’re aware

Through the worry and frustration, you soldier your way through
The ways of love and how it works, I have learned from you

Thank you to my Daughter, Frank & Kayli