A Man Lost

Written by: Ronald Bingham


I knew a clown who never smiled,
He’d lost his wife and little child.
No matter how hard he’d try, his smile now always pointed down,
No laughter could he bring about, this saddened man they call a clown.

His heart so heavy, he prayed that it would one day burst,
His life once good, now seemed forever cursed.
No will to live, all hope was gone,
In a motel room so all alone.

The gun lay by the bed on a nightstand with a book that read,
Holy Bible (gift from the Gideons), and he picked it up and sat down upon the bed.
With thoughts of ending it all that night,
Something kept telling him this wasn’t right.

Then he read about the one called Christ and how he suffered to set us free,
And how His Father in Heaven had to watch His Son being nailed to that tree.
He said He died for me, but I didn’t know,
And he read on and the story tells how he loves us so.

He knew he really needed help, but no one could mend his troubled heart,
On his knees, he prayed that night and said, I’m lost and don’t know where to start.
At that very moment, he felt a glow within,
And on his face he felt a smile begin.

It was the first time in such a long while,
And now he does what he used to do, making folks happy and children smile.
The moral is that when we lay our burdens down at the Saviors feet,
There is nothing in this world that can ever compete!