Take the Moments

Written by: Misheel Chuluun

Take the moments, 
add that time there was a lady
Walking up to the grocery store.

The balloon boy drama.
The mother and her baby strolling
Quite in their worlds, smiling.

Jonbenet Ramsey, Oprah, 
David Letterman, OJ,
The Simpsons and the Family Guy.

When you woke up and saw your face
For the 6,000th morning in a row
And didn’t know it to celebrate.

The New Moon & Twilight events
The nails that keep growing longer
As we keep growing older, that nonsense.

Oh but we are clear about change
In hair color, toupee, and make up
Plastic on the nails, Veneer on the teeth.

Shakespeare’s seven stages of man
Just doing the same things, we
Are looking at each other, all.

Eating, passing through the living room
A thousandth time, although --
This moment comes only once.