`You can be Inspired (I serve a living God) pt.1

Written by: John Streeter

Yes you can, yes you must, there is a story to be finish, and it will not come from
       no ordinary man.  We all must trust, in whom creat the one call Adam from the
       grain of sand.  Long-long ago as the story unfolds, and this creator, He creates
       life and maketh the bird's sing.  "You can be Inspired", he cause the sun to shine
       and give us all that we desire.  But the church - that's not on fire (for the Lord) burns
       disstinctivily for the vile's of satanic impuritie's that has rape our children's de-
       sire to get to know the true source, they become limited to a relationship from
       much higher.  You can be Inspired, inspire to know the truth will always reveal
       itself in the end.
       Yes you can, yes you must, never give up because life is tough. No where's is it
       written that his return to this paquan world is known to noone.  Then I can not run
       and protect my might, his return is kept only to himself. "Because he comes like
       a thief in the night".  Drug's use to entrap me, depression kept my mind on the un
       focust transformation that I will never find the light within the fire. "But the devil is
       a lier".  And even in Poetry, were there is an attempt to enhance the mind to read
       beyond the words one must admire.  Issue's upon issue is the pleasentry and misery
       of the young and old.
       This creator, in the wilderness of life-he is a provider and he speaks in a voice of fire.
       The story is nearing its ultimate end and there's praises unto him, and no need to be
       in doubt. "I serve a living God", the world is still sinning. "You can be Inspired", stop
       feeling down because soon and very soon.  He will be in your Town.