a diffrent kind of thing

Written by: Jai Benson

held into the corner
down by my hand
with empty pockets 
im all over town
the music plays
i dance around
with money in mind
and desire to find
it's all over in sunshine
and begining at night
for fellow to find him 
i found him quite stong
down to begining 
an evening high
we say nothing
no one passes by
i drink in the shadow
still we mange to find ourselves
we gave it away
i never took myself serious
oh to be young was all we were
so i siad nothing to say
we danced all night 
our usual dance
we have no money 
but all of us rich
never to live alone
only to die young
forgiven for being old
we took to the sky 
always our hands held high
but as the morning comes 
we drift apart 
with our lovers we find
we kiss till the moon comes down