This Gray Sky

Written by: Steve Voorhees

These leafless trees remind me
of the ebb and flow of soul...
As the sun slides lazy through a thoughtless gray sky
my mind is forced into misanthropic musing,
watching the tumble of deadened leaves tustling
by way of an influential breeze 

The blazing summer life, now just an afterthought...
the euphoric encounters all memories so instantly distant
...could they be just dreams?   Yet the sights so vivid...
sounds piercing beautifully into willing eardrums audience
   Her laugh and "sunny day" way of saying anything at all....
I can still tast her lip gloss and sugar coated optimism
No, this is no dream...the contrast between here and then
  is so stark it can only be but an impossible yesterday left lingering
    like the last life you lived but cant recall.

Now consigned to nostalgia like a security blanket
  faded and wearing to paciphy nothing at all
Here is the season of holding breath til one day
I might breathe fresh and newer life like springtime

This cycle is mine to bear...
...a fair weather phoenix rising and falling all too often