Settling A Score

Written by: Ronald Bingham


My anger rises towards heights unknown,
Fury rages, fueled by contempt, a side that is rarely shown.
I strive to hold back but certain emotions I cannot contain,
Like a comic book character the face I see, to me is strange.

Jaws set tight, eyes drawn to a squint,
Fists are now clinched, time for talking is over, the message is sent.
When push comes to shove I’ve always stood my ground,
And I’m ready for this as my heart starts to pound.

He glares back at me with such a deep set of bluish eyes,
And flexes his muscles and makes disgusting sighs.
And starts towards me and I to him,
And we take it to the ground, and the outcome looks grim.

I finally get on top and I let him have it all,
Then granny starts hollering, pa you’re going  to make him bawl.
Well I showed my four year old grandson I could still take a punch,
But now that we're through cutting up it’s time for our lunch.