A New Path

Written by: Eric Morthan

This is my life
And I do not fear it
This is my path
And I am proud of it

The world has been cold these days
The life I lived before was killing my faith
But I know I have to move away
To live a path that I believed each day

The colours does not seem the same
My words turning colder each time I speak
Although my obstacles remained unchanged
But it is the answer I am supposed to seek

Great challenges ahead of me
And I do not fear anymore
This is my Life, my Battle
I am the captain of this War

Fate do not control me
Because I control Fate
It is not the World I am to Blame
But the decisions that I have to make

None shall come in my way
None shall possessed my strength
I am unique and strong
I am the only one who determines myself

My Fallen bears my weakness
My Heart bears my Faith
Each time the Dawn Breaks
A New path Lies Ahead

This is my life
I have No Fear of it at all
This is my destiny
The Path which Fate had given me
To where I Rise and Fall