Finding The Way

Written by: Ronald Bingham


Ten years ago if you would have asked me if I believed in God,
I would have answered you yes.
But if you would have asked me if He came first, 
Sadly enough I doubt He even rated ten, I must confess.

But my thirst has become ravenous as I learn more each and every day,
An empty void craving knowledge that only God can fulfill all the way.
Now He has become number one in my life,
Followed closely by my family, friends, and loving wife.

Since I took my blinders off my whole outlook on life has really changed,
Things I used to enjoy now seem somewhat awkward and deranged.
Now I don’t have to prove myself to others anymore,
Only to my Savior, whom I should have been trying to please long before.

Don’t get me wrong I’m still human and I still mess up quite a bit,
But now I know the road to travel and I’ll never chose to quit.
For I know there will be peace when my road draws to an end,
And to see me reach my goal I know God has stationed angels at each and every bend.