The Seal of Obedience

Written by: Ronald Bingham

Words that once flowed effortlessly from my heart,
Seemed to have become labored and often needing a push to start.
But once up and rolling the moss gets slung away,
And it’s like God has opened up a door and showed me a brand new day.

I start my day by thanking my Father for His blessings I cannot contain,
For everywhere I look, His presence is there, His fragrance remains.
He watches over me when I close my eyes to sleep,
For my flesh is mine, but my soul is His forever to keep.

The Creator of man has asked us for obedience, a simple request,
Love Me as you have loved yourself, and Ten Commandments is to be our test.
Those that truly seek His Word, will prove all things,
No deception can enter, only the fruits of His love which our Savior shall bring.