A Man's Worry Rock

Written by: Cody Turner

A worry rock in a man's hand
Smooth as a calm lake in July
Asking only to be loved
With a troubled past he leaves behind

With Expectations of love he waits
For another mate for him to find
In his eyes you can see that he is real
A Lost love trapped deep down inside

Spirituality and religion become a question
for the answer only he himself can find
A man's true love for god
comes in the image of a young woman’s eyes

Destiny and fate
Connected into one
The Worry rock in the man's hand
Serves its purpose and is passed on

Worry no more

The precious rock speaks to the soul
A Man who was once lost
Is shown the way by an old stone

For these sticks and stones
They often do break many bones
However the worry rock is true and kind

With wishes upon wishes
And Dreams upon dreams
This Worry rock, I hope you will all find

This is dedicated to my friend Zach who told me about his worry rock that his father gave 
him and how it helped him get through tough times in his life
His father found this rock in the Smokey Mountains of Tennessee in a stream on the mountain
and it was smooth as if it had been sculpted by god himself. 
His father had it for many years and turned to it during hard times, and when he felt the time 
was right he gave it to his son.