Forgotten Already

Written by: Rasheal Timm

I’m not the same girl I was before,
I’m not going to run away and hide no more,
I’m not going to wait and let you settle the score,

You think you get to me,
Though I’m not feeling so caring,
I told her what she needs,
And that’s to leave,

I’m not going to let you control me,
By using all my sympathy,
You think your clever with the games you play,
I caught onto them yesterday,

I don’t understand,
I just gave someone their demands,
Then you turn around and say I’m banned,

All because the word no,
I have a new foe,
Can’t seem to say yes,
I’m afraid I’ll have to clean up all the mess,

Don’t judge,
It’s not my fault there is a smudge,
I’ve been straight up,
Said everything upfront,
So why don’t you shut up,

He’s in denial,
Afraid to believe that he can’t have,
Something that makes him smile,
Now I’m bad,
Because he decides to act like a child,

I’m not going to give in,
Just because I wouldn’t be with him,
I had to make a decision.

A decision to heal,
Instead of picking at  the scabs I’m trying not to peel,
Don’t hate me for what I need to feel,

So as your trying to hate me, 
Forget about me as if I’m forgotten already.