Why Should I

Written by: Desiree Gapuz

Shall I succed in my undertakings 
If I don’t listen to all their warnings?
Shall I paint the sky with another hue
Just to give beauty it’s real value

Should I be ashamed of my past action
If everything they knew were just suspicion
Shall I pull the stars to make light
Or cry out for help  tonight

My mind is filled with doubts and confusion
But my heart if full of mere determination
But I know I’m not the type whop plays the game
Then make up excuses to save myself from blame

Why should I follow the sun’s rays
Just because I did not succed in my own ways
I won’t waste a second p[painting the sky
Knowing that I only got one second to fly

Why should I be ashamed of my mistakes
When all they do is for their own sake
I won’t cry out loud tonight
Cause I know that all along I can see the light