Text Sketching

Written by: Donald Meikle

To create a picture two or three faint lines are drawn
To establish the perspective of what's  yet unseen
To let eyes to travel easily and harmoniously  over it.
Like smoke rising over a  newborn mist of  valley
A wisp of curving cloud catches at  wing tip of a circling hawk
A bubbling stream racing down to awake a sleeping village
On the edge of water and golden gorse a tall full antlered buck
Watching his mate of the moment steal a last bite
Before they both flee the coming bright of day
The wind rises to erase the picture even as  it forms
Whipping the smoke to haze
Taking the wisp of cloud and blowing dust 
into the eyes of the prey the hawk is watching
driving his breakfast back into the ground.
Carrying unpleasant scents to the spring toed deer
As white tails bounce into secret woods
A picture in time  presented by a blinded artist with a lute
Or an all seeing explosive man
Who cannot tell you how his mind can rhyme 
Or reason from one moment to the next 
Another sketch in text