Written by: Michael Poyntz

Your secrets are safe with me
I promise to listen with my eyes alone
asking no questions…seeking no reasons
I too have stared into the early morning mist
not always alone…but always lonely

Confessions offered in total silence
trust given…without condition…trust taken
I know that your tears have fallen like rain
memories prevail…ties long ago undone 			 
midnight passion forsaken for tomorrow’s laundry 

Sunsets searching for dreams…sunrise searching for more
living as a stranger with the one who once knew all of you
walls that talk back…a partner who does not
memories of promises lost…dreams that will never be 
watching you needing more than what you have

Pristine martini’s in polished glass
ice cold and strong…tomorrow’s warmth today
each sip a gentle reprieve  
dreams being shaken...loneliness being stirred
the scent of your perfume that will linger forever

Last call forcing us to the streets we know
going home to someone we do not
unsaid words echo from invisible walls 
lost strangers passing in the night
your secrets are safe with me