Written by: Michael Poyntz

i saw her walk into 
my favorite bar
she was so beautiful 
she stole my heart 
in the time it takes
to take a single breath
i knew i had to take a chance 
so i walked up and asked
pretty lady do you dance
this dance with me 
would you dance through 
this life with me

she turned to me 
and whispered
cowboy your wasting your time 
i’m not your type 
and baby your not mine
i don’t drink beer 
and i don’t like country songs
be better for you if you
just moved on
cowboy move on 
just walk away from me 

hey cowboy 
walk away as fast you can
i’m not your kind of girl
your not my type of man
i’m not trying to hurt you 
or cause you any pain
but loving me will see you
crying in the rain
i need the glitter 
you ride in the dust
i’m a big city girl
you drive a pick up truck

but as i turned to walk away
she whispered.......
hey cowboy