Written by: Michael Poyntz

Hey little one with such golden hair
let’s play the whole day through
find a swing and touch the sky
pretend we are brave tigers on the prowl
riding your magic carpet
You start every day on the run
count ants among  your best friends
and wonder where they sleep at night 
smelling every sunflower tip-toe high 
your big sister is your hero every day

For you everyone deserves a second  chance
to join in your strawberry  dance
don’t understand  no in any way
whispering your silent secrets to Mr Teddy Bear
knowing he understands every word

Sleep safely for tonight you fly with Peter Pan
dancing with Tinker-Bell across never-never land 
your treasure chest  full of joy and laughter
listening intently to nightly fairy tales 
believing every story totally true…again and again

You dare dragons to play hide and seek
charming the world with a wink and a smile
so unconcerned with tomorrow
racing the wind you are the master of  your day
I wish the world could be more  like you