Written by: Michael Poyntz

have you ever noticed
that strangers passing on a dock
always nod and say hello
to others passing by
but strolling neighbours
on a sidewalk
you thought you knew
almost never do
looking away at the last moment
is something a seafarer
simply would never do

have you ever witnessed
passengers on a vessel
no matter be it big or small
wave to everyone passing by
or shout greetings
to one and all
but travellers on trains and planes
certainly almost never do
to even glance at a passerby
is something a jetsetter
simply would never do

have you ever pondered
those who venture out on the ocean blue
treat strangers differently than me or you
for when an angry sea is about
the trusted friends
that promise to arrive
almost never do
but to turn their back on an SOS
is something people of the sea
simply would never do