Written by: Michael Poyntz

took a picture 
while you slept
lying next to me
waves caressing time

dusk to dawn
kiss to kiss

as if I could forget
the softness of you
at the break of dawn
howling at the moon
lost emotions found

whispering ven aqui
mi querida
          i want you

souvenirs of time
side by side
a lifetime of moments
Rio de Janeiro
moonlight touching sea

dusk to dusk
thunder to lightning

as if i could forget
hopscotch in the rain
ice cubes and honey
riding falling stars
discovering myself

whispering ven aqui
mon amor
            i need you

felt your laughter
surround all of me
feeling suddenly invincible
Cape Town
sand held in the hourglass

dawn to dusk
heartbeat to heartbeat

as if I could forget
showering within a waterfall
the magic of your sweet kiss
coasting in our dreams
following you anywhere

whispering ven aqui
mi vida
           i love you