Written by: Michael Poyntz

It was the impossible…to bid farewell
life asked too much of me
our lives had changed forever in Rome
you touched me with your smile
like a lightning bolt
I loved you completely at that first moment
I love you now
nothing has ever been
the same for me without you
have you not  felt my heartbeat 
within each sunrise and sunset
dusk to dusk

between a distant echo 
and the  echo within of or lives
I had found and then lost
my one true love
I could never let you go again
mi amoré I ask now to you
to stay by my side forever

my love you are my very soul
every part of your heart
lives within every heartbeat of mine
as surely as each wave in the ocean 
is destined to touch but one shore
we belong together
that which seemed impossible
must now bow down and yield
to destiny’s promise of long ago
our days in the sun
are granted once more
this is the possible
it is you and me