Written by: Michael Poyntz

There is a purpose in the truth of love
that lovers share between passion and twilight
the bond of love is sealed  within the gentleness of a silken kiss	                
secrets are made only to be kept…lies created only to be told
Life’s journey is often bittersweet...destiny is the true hourglass
promises made in love are not written they are sworn at sunrise
secrets rarely remain hidden…lies can never be untold
Love is faith in the strength of the arms that hold you
time is the true gift of life and love is the test of truth shared	     	
trust is believing in what we are and why we are one
to share your dreams with a soul mate 

With my life I promise to protect you for all of my life	
I will love you through all promises without condition		 
within you...beside  you...for you...because of you...