Lost Among the Stars

Written by: sidewalker 1

Our bodies touched
From time, we held on tight
Your moon eclipsed my sun
Our motion seemed so right

Then gravity
That fickle force weighed in
It swung your heart from mine
Alone again I spin

Drifting days turn night
Drifting worlds collide in flight
I'm now drifting without sight

Your eyes found mine,
As comets flew on by
The rhythms of our planets
Danced across the sky

Then the galaxy exploded
Venus spun from Mars
Elliptical no longer
We're lost among the stars

Drifting nights turn days;
Passing through a milky haze.
I'm now drifting void of ways.

Your lips pressed mine
Embers sparked to flame
The universe aligned
Pulsed as one, again

Now skies grow dark
Your moon does not appear
I shine this ray of love
In hope to guide you near.

Drifting days turn night;
Wayward worlds pass by in flight.
You are drifting out of sight.