Written by: Manoj Kumar

I am standing watching the river of time flow
Days, nights, seasons, come and go
I am praying to the lord to grant me strength and will
I am wishing in my heart that time would stand still

Memories flow through my mind like grains of sand
I think of my parents who taught me to walk, to stand
My wife, my child, who helped my feet stay aground
My friends who stood by me, even when my actions weren’t sound

I think about my job, my uniform, the shine of brass
Of testing times when I stared death in the face
When my men toiled, spilt guts and blood
Never disobeying an order, for thoroughly they were bred

Today I stand at the threshold of death and life
But I see the results of all that trouble and strife
I see the way my boys became men
And stood by me and shared my burden

As my eyes close and I take my final breath
I feel at peace and smile at death
I know my life was well lived, wasn’t wasted away
I hope that’s what my family and my men would say.