Written by: Michael Poyntz

have you ever been at your borderline
met the right person…wrong place…wrong time
have you ever been taken to your knees
by a kiss so tender and forbidden
it took all that you were to simply let go

have you ever loved someone so much
that you ignored the very essence of what is right
have you ever lied to someone you loved
and then felt them simply slip away
trust forsaken flees forever

have you ever fallen in love with a stranger
have you ever loved someone who became a stranger
have you ever fallen into a self made chasm
past the point of turning back
having nothing and no one to hold onto

have you ever sacrificed everything for love
to someone who then simply moved on
have you ever caught your own reflection
within your tear as it fell to the ground
looking at the face of a stranger 

have you ever been offered
everything that you ever  wanted
at the price of everything you ever wanted
have you ever looked the other way
pretending no one else could see