Written by: Eric Siedzikowski

What is the reason for thoughts coming to mind;
most if which foment the feeling of being left behind
on an island of bewilderment,longing for the extrinsic
things in life that leave the heart to beseech God in
such a humble manner as to:are these the facets that my
soul needs to thrive? Is it so true that all sustaining
here is purely conceived to die? Dear Lord what is
the true meaning of all this packing and tucking of
good deeds and loving into a vessel that is ill-equipped to fly.
One can only catechize oneself as to:will all of this be recognized?
And so we imbibe the doctrine of blind faith while roaming
the land blind to beliefs because of all that is advertized.
We expand the soul,stretching it for a love to embrace the aura
of that which is serene and warm,pure to the soul's
force within the moment it dilates to become as one
with all that once thrived;clinging to its mass within
the unaware waiting of God's final breath to drift an
aglutinated force into the abyss of eternity and perhaps
arriving to the halidom where universes and time coalesce to elapse.