Ocean Tides

Written by: Kamal Al-Adil

To visualize childbirth is like visualizing the oceans of the earth & how it works, 
Overnight discoveries generates compassionate memories,
Witnessing childbirth is definitely any mans deniable fantasy,
Considering the experience,
Causing contracting pains making it more tremendous,
As a spectator of… life formulates itself inside causing new hormones & 
emotions to collide or arrive,
The labor pains is similar t the pressure from “Ocean Tides,”
How her contractions begin small
Then as current flows it becomes huge & tall,
If the timing is right then the pressure would fall,
Or Drop,
Causing any man heart to stop,
It’s a miracle how life gets presented,
Knowing only God has sent it,
Which could either bring laughter or cries,
Cries because there was many that died,
When the labor pains is as fatal as “Ocean Tides,”