Give Me An Old Christmas

Written by: Milton Toran

I want an old Christmas,
The same as years ago;
Carolers singing, church bells ringing,
Children playing in the snow

I want a horse-drawn carriage,
To lead me through the cold;
I'd bring home the biggest tree,
As they did in the days of old

Long before technology,
Christmas was simple and plain;
The season held true meaning,
Critics had nothing to claim

Before the twinkling lights,
Candles flared with grace;
Families gathered in numbers,
Sharing spirits by the fireplace

Children decorated the tree,
Wooden ornaments cast their spell;
Tiny feet scurried to the family room,
To hear grandpa's ghostly tale! 

Folks throughout the community,
Amassed together in prayer;
The true spirit of Christmas,
Cast its elegant flair

The natural essence of garland,
A sweet fragrance of pine;
Mistletoe, holly, scented wreaths,
The magic of Christmastime!

No fancy gifts or presents,
Beneath the Christmas tree;
Holding hands in harmony,
Heads bowed as one in unity

The aroma of a roasting turkey,
Welcomed neighbors passing by;
Naughty kids prowled the kitchen,
For a sliver of grandma's pie!

Bring back those days of Christmas,
When Christ was the celebration;
God gave the greatest gift of all,
Peace on earth to every nation!