Heroines and Heroes (In Honor Park Center Outreach)

Written by: Woodrow Lucas

Heroes and Heroines (In Honor of Park Center Outreach)

Today, I stepped off the pedestal of important footsteps that leave no impact, to a world
of kindness and brutality, and I felt alive.

Today, I stepped off the pedestal of eloquent words with little meaning, to a world of
tears and violence, and I felt alive.

Today, I met a man who beats his wife and comforts her in kindness, who fears the sting of
rejection and embraces the compassion of small things,

Today, I met a hero gone mad, gone sad, full of shame and rejection, who beats his wife
and comforts her in kindness searching for a reprieve from voices of derision and his own
violence to the peaceful sound of rushing water,

And I saw heroines who understood his complexity.

I tell you, I know heroines, who doubt their own beauty, who doubt their own narrative
because the days are too long for reflection, and the broken hearted need them now!

I tell you, heroes saving heroines, heroines saving heroines, and heroines saving heroes,

I saw it all.  I saw a man who saved my soul, for through his battered brains, he found
the strength to tame the rager, and now he speaks with soft spoken eloquence,

Today, I stepped out of the horror of a world without meaning, of a world without
tribulation, of a world without  joy, into the teeming torrent of bittersweet euphony, and