The Trucker

Written by: Charles Ruble

I was cruisen the back roads,in my ole semi truck,
Runnin against my log book,pressin my luck.
When way in the distance,I saw lights just a blinkin,
Couldnt be a scale house,thats what I was thinkin.
As I rolled closer,the sign was plain to read,
Scale house open,my truck was what they need.
So I rolled on in,their just doin the ground pressure check,
Then the sign flipped on,Bring your paperwork in to the scale of Libeck.
They asked for my license,they took a quick look,
Then they pointed at me and said,I need your log book.
The officer said,A little over on your time,
Your fuel stops dont match,this could cost you a dime.
But I'll make you a deal,see that parkin spot right there,
Pull in for ten hours and we will call it square.
Or you can take the fine,but I would not advise it sir,
It's one thousand dollars for every fifteen minutes per.
So when trying to gane time,and make an extra buck,
Dont plan on the backroads and dont press your luck.