Finding Ourselves

Written by: Ronald Bingham


As the days grow shorter and the nights have more length,
We have more time to ponder on God and receive more of His strength.
To pick up the pace where once we were slack,
And to know it is into God’s arms we can always fall back.

To find more refuge, to find more reason,
And to know that our Father is there, no matter the season.
To search out our heart so that it can be a humble abode,
To receive and contain the word our dear Savior once told.

And to lift up those who need a gentle lift,
And help to place them on the right road to receive Jesus, our greatest of gifts.
To teach that love is so much better than hate,
And sharing seems to add so much more to your plate.

What do we gain if we lose sight of heaven as our goal,
Earthly riches cannot buy hope for a lost and wandering soul.
Only love and obedience to the Word of God can our ticket be bought,
And knowing why our Savior came and died, so the reason of His spilling of blood will not
be for naught.

To live each day like it may be our last,
That not in sorrow but in gladness we await and always holdfast.
To serve our God with all the might we can muster,
And let His light shine through us with brilliance and luster.