Written by: Edmund Siejka


My blank expression 
Matches the morning.

I stare straight ahead 
Watching rain  
Merge into silvery drops
Before beginning their slippery descent
Down the length of
My windshield.

Turning the engine off
I wait
A little longer
It’s just another day
Nothing ever gets better
Nothing ever changes.

My life is in 
Black and white 
Straight ahead
Nestled in steel and glass 
Is my world
An office
With the soul of a factory
The beat of a sweatshop.

Somewhere in the maze
Of cubicles
An empty work station
With my name
Printed in plastic letters
Waits for me.
When I forget
There is always something to remind me
A word
A look
A gesture 
Almost a blur
Of someone’s shoulders
That no one cares
What happens to anyone.

I dream of an office
With a door
To shut myself out
And become invisible
To the noise
And office rumors.

Cursed with a timid heart
Burdened with responsibilities
I glance at my watch
Rushing in so as not to be late
A few minutes early is all I ask
Work in
Work out
Don’t think about anything else
Forget the day for now
And so I put it out of my mind.