Love On The Periphery

Written by: Conor Jordan

It Slices Through The Periphery, No Matter 
How Much You Try Not To Notice it.

There's No Colour in The Sky, There's
No Green Hue Amongst The Grass.

                    - But We're Here For You -

The Inhumanity of Seemingly Torn Organs,
Throwing Their Matter Against Your Ribcage.

Love is Carcogenic, Feeding From The Inside,
But It's a Recoverable Feature.

                     - Light Bears No Resemblance -
                                 - To Reality -

Don't Let it Scratch The Inner Surface of Your
Skin, Don't Let It Break Free.

Just Keep Your Focus, Keep Struggling Towards
A Self Determined Freedom.

                      - The Stars are Whatever Colours -
                             - You Want Them To be -

The Days Will Pass Like Erosion Settling In 
Between Their Rocks of Choice.

Don't Ever Question The Unpredictability of Love,
Simply Question Why You Try to Comprehend It.

...Don't Hear her Voice in Your Head
            Don't Let Her Voice Capture Your Genius...

~ Dedicated To Stewart Hughes ~