Written by: Linda Etling

"Dedicated to Janet my dear, dear cousin" Gone home to be with the Lord Oct 21, 2009 Today there is a new angel in Heaven Walking, and laughing at play I know our loved ones gone on before Welcomed her home to stay I would have loved to see her face As all the wonders she beheld As she realized she had a brand new body Oh the story she could tell I know she ran right to the Children She loved the little ones so That would be a wondrous heaven for her for with children her love flowed I am sure if there are Puppies and Kittens She's playing and holding them too All that was sweet and kind and soft She will find in her home so new We know you're in a much better place Than this cold old world down here And I know you're in HIS gentle arms So we have no need to fear You loved God while on this earth And you gave your life to Him He will open HIS loving arms to you What a peace we have within Someday we'll be there with you What a joyful day we'll see I know you'll be there waiting To show us all that heaven will be Thank you Lord for being there And the comfort we feel today No greater Love could heal this pain Than yours you've sent our way.