Mummy had Stitched His Name Onto the Back of His PE Bag

Written by: Francesca Cabral

He hung out alone in his room most of the time
with his door locked,quiet.
He had a name. A short and simple one, that nobody could remember. Maybe it was Ken, or 
Tom - something like that.
Yeah, the boy everybody made fun of
beacuse his Mummy had stiched his name onto the back of his PE bag.
Not just that, he had all his books perfectly coverered, I remember beacuse I used to hand 
them out in the mornings.

He never came back to school after the holidays.
Jess said it was because he got sent to juvie for trying to butcher his Mum with the garden 
spade. She heard that he was one of those "messed up kids," who finally flipped out. Huey, 
agreed and said that it was only a matter of time before it happened. 
According to Mia, she heard that his Mum was just standing there, when he came up from 
behind and attacked her. She heard there was blood all over the place. 

Everyone heard everything.

When our teacher came over to ask who we were talking about,
Jess said Ken.
Huey said Tom.
Mia said Bill.

Confused, they stared at eachother
then turned to the class, perhaps searching for the answer.
Everyone else, shrugged.