Hey Soup!!! Im Baaack!

Written by: Steve Voorhees

This pen fell from trembling fingers
as the days went blurring by
rolling off the table's edge
where inspiration goes to die
The weight of life kept these hands idle
for these months I've not returned
Yet the cup refilled from these trying times
....from these pained lessons that I've learned

Now lets shine the light on darkened rooms
We forgot were there at all
Casting beams through this lonely house
through every dismal hall
....its time now
     ....listening to the vibration of the world

It has beaconed me back to grip this pen
and to dive into this artist' net
to write the world and swoon the girl
Ive loved, yet never met.

....the vibration has resynched itself
to my cold and lonely soul
The melody made may deafen ears 
as my old self is swallowed whole

   To all the Soup--its good to be back.