Written by: Shirley Madeleine

By looking at your picture
Is like you are still alive
Your face is still fresh in my mind
Always proud to tell your suffering
And your moments of joy
Beside your bad side...
...you have consol alot

You've known pain
And you have past through alot
Of difficulties
Beside all your default...
...this is not important
Because you were the the hero...
...the icon
That unique singer that keeps us
All on our feet

Your 'bonm' and your 'zez'
Was your two best friend
When you were on stage...
...no one gets in your way
Your mission wasn't accomplish yet
But our God needed you

The road that you have started
I am following
But it doesn't stop there...
...I will pass it with my children tomorrrow
That it won't lose its value
And in a way that you will
Always be present...
...and forever live among us

Dedicated to my great-grand-father that was an important person in the culture and part the 
heritage of Seychelles, who died when i was very little.