Dear Lord

Written by: Colleen Bono

It's time we talked.I really need to know what my purpose 
in life is suppose to be?I know part of my purpose is my
kids and grandkids but do I or will I truly make a difference
if I am around?I love them more than I have in my heart to
give.Do I really help or do I hinder them by my actions.I
really think sometimes it would be better if I was just a
memory and hopefully a good one.I am so confused on what 
I am suppose to do.There is nothing more I want then to 
just have a little happiness in life so I have a little hope
for the future.Right now I can't see a future I want to
stick around for.My relationship to my husband is fading
fast and I don't know what to do to fix it.How can I have
love and feelings for him if I don't even have any for myself?
I look for guidance but I am unable to find it.I'm sure at times
it is right in front of me but I am not seeing it.I wish I
could see the good in me that everyone else can see.Why
can't I just follow the rules of being human and accept it.
What is the true meaning of acceptance.Why are things so 
hard for me to understand.It's probably right in front of
me but I just don't see it.I really need to find it before it's
to late.I just need a little extra help.I am asking you for a 
little help before it's to late.I feel the only thing that I have
left to give is my life.Show me the road I need to follow.

                           Colleen Marie Bono