The Special one..!!

Written by: argho chakraborty

As I closed ma eyes, I saw her..;
I saw her when she was not around..,
I saw her as she was always in ma heart..!!
With having her as ma friend ..,
It’s tough to keep ma feet on the ground..!!

She gives beauty a whole new meaning..;
Her eyes as bright as they could be..!!
Just the look of her eyes ..,
Can make the dead come to life..!!

Her smile as pure as a child’s ..;
Spreading smile all around..!!
Just looks of it can sooth the soul..;
A smile of her can make ma day..!!

Her presence around is like a dream..;
A dream don’t wanna wake up from..!!
It’s not just the smile or the eyes..;
But something deep within..;
That makes her special..!!

She’ll always be the special one ..;
No matter where she is..
No matter if she is with me..!!
As friends are hard to find ..;
But such a person is even harder..!!