The eternal now

Written by: Anne Linington

Seconds tick on by
As my clock upon the wall 
Measures the passing of moments
And reminds me that I live within time

You, my beloved, 
Are no longer constrained by time
But live within the eternal moment
The ever-present now

For you, past and future
Are no longer relevant
For all is eternal now
As God declares Himself, “I am”

Jesus, Alpha and Omega
Beginning and End
Be with us who live in time
And those who have moved beyond it

In this separation
Comfort and strengthen us
Until we reach that perfect union
That is life with you

Help us to seek such moments
That enable us to know eternity is in our hearts
Chosen by you before creation
Called to display your likeness here on earth

Let us look towards the day
When we shall see you face to face
And miracle of miracles ~
We shall be like you!