Written by: Prince Freakasso

In equine racing they always say,
You hope to win when you make your play;
Off course as you know,it's the horses that show,
They're the only ones to make their hay.
With no help from the divine my guess could be as good as thine,
For doesn't our quadruped take a million fools,
For a ride not individually, but at a time?
Never known to run quite true,
All handicapping techniques never seem to do.
Yet it always finds it's friends,
Poor battered punters,trying to make amends.
Wagering on them are millions spent,
To get you returns it was never meant.
This sport of Kings will carry on,
But as king of this sport.....You could never be DON!!!

                                                               --- Princefreakasso
                                                                   (Artist and Poet)